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Decorating With Pink - Learn How to Use This Color in Your Decor Without Making Your Husband Sick

So you love pink. You want to express that love in your home decor. Are you afraid that your husband or other men in your home might flip out at the idea? Its true that for any woman living with a man, decorating with pink can be risky. Be assured that you can pull it off and have a decor that is sophisticated and balanced without looking too girly.

Once looked at as a color reserved for little girls, pink is becoming the color of female power and is soaring to the top of fashion and home decor trends. The trick is to use select pieces to accentuate the overall look. Pink walls, sofa, curtains and rug would make anyone puke. But choose just one of those elements in the right hue surrounded by more muted tones, and you could hit a decorating home run.

Pinks that lean towards the orange, like salmon and coral are good choices to satisfy men. Salmon shades have a great deal of red and men can relate to it. Many mens' shirts and ties can be found in this shade. Coral is so orange that many men would not describe it as pink at all. Dusky pinks are subtle and reminiscent of spring flowers. When paired with neutrals, these shades will be prominent in a room without being sickening.

Brighter and deeper shades of pink are dramatic and sharp. Hot pink or magenta will add vitality to a more sophisticated decor. The use of deeper shades of pink will prevent your decor from looking like a ten year old girl's bedroom. Contemporary designs often feature these shades as accents because of the drama they can bring to a room.

The key to decorating with pink is to prevent the color from overpowering the space. Choose your pink shades and where you want to use them then decide how to integrate with a masculine style. Colors that are striking with pink are chocolate, black, or gray.

Pink paint can make a small space feel larger. Try using a pale pink as the base color on walls but then make the room more manly by including a stronger color on a focal wall, choose fabrics in stripes or leather, avoid floral fabric patterns in the room as much as possible.

Pink marble is stunningly beautiful and will never go out of style. Even your man would probably agree. Use it in a coffee table top or accent furniture. If not a solid pink marble, marble with pink veining will introduce pink into the space without being too prominent. Even simple a flower vase placed in a central location filled with deep pink flowers, orchids or roses, can be dramatic.

There are plenty of home accessories in all shades of pink, so use them to add extra focus and interest to your room. Do not forget that accessories are accents and should be added with intent and restraint. If you pile on the pink, you are likely to get a lot of push back from the guys.

Pink decor can be traditional or contemporary. It is actually a very versatile color. When used in different shads and combinations, you can achieve different effects successfully in your home. Adding some to your home will bring a qualities of playfulness and delight to your family living space.

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